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What to wear

Can everyone do aerial

Be it yoga or aerial the best choice are well fitted leggings and sports top.

For aerial it is important that there are no zips or other metal that could cut into the fabric, also cover as much of your legs arms and torso as possible. Cotton type materials are preferable to lycra as lycra slips on the fabric.

Generally everyone can take our aerial and aerial yoga courses.

If  you do have high blood pressure or motion sickness you should however not book these classes.

Equally if you are injured, specifically back, neck, wrists and knees you may want to consult us directly.

What to bring

Are there changing facilities

Due to COVID ideally you bring your own yoga mat, if you do not have one we have some you may borrow or buy. 

Also bring your mask, a water bottle and a cloth for wiping your mat after class and a small towel. 

You might also want to bring a sweater for cool down. 

There are bathrooms on all sites however due to COVID we encourage people to come ready dressed for class.

I've never done anything like this, can I still come

How to pay

Don't worry our classes are designed for all levels. However nothing new is ever easy so don't get discouraged if it's hard the first few times. Just make sure you work within your own ability.

We accept bank transfers and Xoom transfer.

When are the classes

At what time should I arrive

Just check on our booking page where you can find the class times listed by location or book a private class when it suits you.

Classes start on time so make sure to be at least 5 min early as latecomers will not be admitted. 

Warm up is a crucial part across all disciplines in order o keep you safe therefore ensure you are on time.

Do you teach kids or teens?

Do you teach online

I am sorry but I do not teach small  children.

Classes and course are designed with adults in mind however teenagers 13+ or in the non aerial classes 12+ are welcome with parental consent.

I offer online package classes of yoga and HIIT and aerial conditioning. For details please email me. 

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