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Where we are

Celestial Dance is situated in the country of eternal spring, Guatemala. 

Just a short drive from the busy tourist hot spot Antigua our site is nestles into the hills of Santa Lucia Milpas Altas. Milpas Altas is a small and quiet neighbourhood ideal for relaxation.

Milpas Altas

Your retreat ambiente

Milpas Altas is a small neighbourhood nestled into the hills. Let us take you on a mini hike into the hill side or go enjoy some coffee at the local Café Chica Bean or Tatarali. 

Casa Blanca

Your home away from home

Enjoy the sunny side of life in our cosy Casa Blanca. Views of the volcanos, a terrace to soak up the sun as well as a comfortable living room to enjoy a cup of tea and read your book in the evening.

The Arial Venue

Campo Alegre

For any aerial class we will be using our local main teaching venue Campo Alegre.

It has lovely views onto the volcanos and is just 200 meters from Casa Blanca.

Your team

Welcome to our family

Join Jo, me, Batsy and Dougie for your stay. A little micro team at your service. 

I teach and cook, Jo supplies knowledge of Guatemala, will be your tour guide and driver and makes a great Guatemalan breakfast. 

Batsy is the emotional support bat and human resource manager ;)



Just a 15 minute drive from us you can enjoy the bustling town of Antigua. 

Shopping to your hearts content, coffee shops on every corner, restaurants with all the flavours from around the world as well as colonial architecture and several museums to amuse you. 

Come as a Group

For friends up to 8 people

If you are planning to come as a small group be it family, a few friends or even a hen party before the big day we can accommodate up to 8 people in our aerial classes.

If you come with just two or three friends you will still stay in Casa Blanca but any more and we will switch to Camo Alegre.

Campo Alegre isn't just our aerial venue but has  also 5 pretty little cabanas with double and bank beds. 

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