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Special offers
available year round 

We are proud to present the newest additions to our offers. 

Day Retreats

Why not take a day out?

Recharge and get deep into your practice


immerge yourself for the first time in some aerial yoga and get a feel for it.

Do it on your own, with a friend or as a small group of friends.

Available Monday to Friday



Want to do something different and special for your big day?

Why not train for a little aerial dance or Fan Dance act?

Contact us to make arrangements.

We look forward to working with you.


Private group

Live to far away?

Can't manage weekly commitments?

Want to do something fun with your friends?

Why not book a class as a group for some aerial yoga, aerial dance or Yoga.

Just email or whatsapp us to book.


Thanks for your interest in what’s going on at Celestial Dance. Want to stay up to date? Just drop me an email for the monthly newslatter.

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